Starting in April 2018, your Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) will contact you to review your Care Coordination Organization (CCO) options.
You will need to work with your MSC to review and sign a form to enroll in the CCO program of your choice:
You may choose the CCO that your current MSC agency has become affiliated with, or another CCO in your region. 

To continue to receive Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver services, you must enroll in one of the two service options:
Service Option 1: Health Home Care Management

  • By choosing this option, you will received an improved level of service to help your or your loved one coordinate all services

Service Option 2: Basic Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Plan Support

  • If you do not want to recieve the more comprehensive care management that will be provided with Health Home Care Management, you can talk with your MSC about the option to receive Basic HCBS Plan Support.

The CCO will not authorize services and therefore will not be able to take away or lessen your services, including self-directed services.

CCO Transition Plan

→ Enrollment into CCO begins in April 2018
→ Care Coodination begins July 1, 2018
→ LIFEPlan CCO Care Managers will help you plan your needs

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