Danielle’s New Apartment

Danielle is a 34 year old, LIFEPlan member in the Southern Tier who had lived in family care for 3 years. While Danielle had learned a lot from the experience, she wanted a place of her own.

Danielle began working with Care Manager Sarah Sevilla in January 2019 to find her first apartment. She stayed with friends during this transition time.

In a short time, Danielle found a nice, one bedroom apartment that is accessible and centrally located. She moved in on February 19, 2019, and has successfully maintained her apartment since then.

Danielle loves having her own space and that she feels empowered making her own decisions and being in charge of her life.  She said, “It’s awesome!”, to have her own apartment.

Danielle is now pursuing self-direction and has hired a broker to assist with creating her budget. She is happy about this decision and excited to add more supports into her life.