Care Agencies Working Together to Help People with Disabilities

The Utica-based nonprofit LIFEPlan CCO NY was launched in July to coordinate holistic care for people with developmental disabilities.

It’s now signed a memorandum of understanding with two other regional care coordination organizations to form a partnership that will help the agencies, officials say, create better care for the people they serve.

The partnership comes shortly before the state is expected to shift people with developmental disabilities on Medicaid into managed care.

“We want to make sure that if we move to a managed care environment (for people with developmental disabilities on Medicaid), it’s an environment that provides people with developmental and intellectual disabilities with the unique services that they need because of their unique needs and also provides them with choice,” said LIFEPlan CEO Nick Cappoletti.

“And all three organizations were created by organizations that have served people with developmental disabilities for 70, 80 years so we know the needs of this population and we are moving forward together.”

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