Celebrating the 2 Year Anniversary of LIFEPlan CCO


July 2020

To our Members and Families:

We are pleased to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of LIFEPlan CCO!   We are proud of the work done in the past two years by LIFEPlan staff, our 70+ partner providers, and especially honored to be able to support you, our membership.

Despite the inevitable bumps in the road with such a large system change, we accomplished a monumental effort of coming together to successfully transition almost 18,000 people to Health Home Care Management. A new model of enrolling members and helping families understand the intake process, training Care Managers on numerous topics, adding our clinical support team, and implementing our LIFEPlan member and family advisory council are just a few of the new initiatives that were realized over the past two years.

While we have achieved a great deal, we know there is much more to do. This has been an unprecedented year, ensuring that our members remained safe and supported during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We worked diligently to make sure that you had timely and relevant information, in addition to providing ongoing monitoring and support of your needs.  We have captured some stories from our members- you can read them here.

We remain committed to communicating regularly, seeking to learn of your experiences with LIFEPlan, as well as sharing important information to help you in the journey. On behalf of the entire LIFEPlan family, we look forward to spending many more years together!





Nicholas Cappoletti, CEO