Connecting Members with the MFA Council

LIFEPlan CCO NY is an exciting new for-profit, mission-centered business venture poised to change how individuals with intellectual and development disabilities receive services in New York state.

LIFEPlan is centered on connecting people to a full spectrum of services that will support optimal health and wellness, creating opportunities for people to lead meaningful lives.

An important part of the LIFEPlan experience is representation by the Member and Family Advisory Council , a volunteer group of self advocates, parents, and caregivers who address the ongoing interests and needs of individuals receiving care coordination services from LIFEPlan. Six regional Advisory Councils, comprised of 8-10 LIFEPlan CCO NY members, parents and caregivers, meet quarterly to review outcomes and advise leadership regarding care coordination policies and operations, and to engage in relevant education, training and advocacy.

In addition, the MFA Council Regional Liaison is a valuable point of contact for LIFEPlan members and families. As a team member of the Member and Family Advisory Council, the Regional Liaison is responsible for gathering feedback from members and families in their region regarding topics of need and interest, including OPWDD services and processes, LIFEPlan processes, community supports and services, and others.