Excellence Recognized

Excellence Recognized within LIFEPlan

LIFEPlan leadership have recognized staff excellence for their achievements, knowledge and expertise.

Excellence Recognized: Sharon Jones, Care Manager, Mt Kisco 

Working with a job coach at Careers Support Solutions in Westchester County, Sharon was recognized for helping a member to gain confidence and skills in her job at a local grocery store. The improvements were so significant that Sharon, and her member, were honored by Careers for their achievements. Shy by nature, Sharon is happy to receive the “2020 Outstanding Advocate” award, saying

“I love working as a team to help members lead a successful life.”

Knowledge Recognized: Edwin Rodriguez, Care Manager, New Windsor

Taking a temporary assignment seriously, Edwin went the extra mile to open doors for a member and his family when their CM took a leave of absence. The members’ mother, suffers from PTSD and depression, was struggling due to school shutdowns and extremely unhappy about the change. Her son and a sibling have been home all day every day with no school, and no additional services. A language barrier added to the confusion when the mom had attempted to get help.

Excellence Shown

Edwin quickly began working with a Provider agency to set up support for 40 hours of Community Hab per week, including arranging for staffing by a family friend who spoke Spanish. Using his knowledge of community services, Edwin also has found foundation funds to further support the family. For all this work, the mom requested that Edwin remain their Care Manager, sharing how his community knowledge and expertise has made a world of difference in their lives. Edwin agreed to stay on.

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