Hard Work Pays Off!

Jenny Kellogg has proven that she can do anything that she sets her mind to. 

Jenny worked at Country Valley Industries in Tioga, NY since 2007. In 2013, she took a job working at Walmart in Ithaca.   

Taking a new job is a big change for anyone, and this was also true for Jenny. She began in the grocery section, which wasn’t her preferred department. But she knew it was a good place to start. Then she learned about the apparel department, and after some time, a spot became available in that department. So she applied and due to her excellent work ethic and skills was offered the position.  

Through self-determination and perseverance, Jenny exceeded even her own expectations. After more than six years working at Walmart, Jenny still loves her job.  

Over time Jenny has learned many new skills, including answering the phone. Though not her favorite responsibility Jenny knows it is an important role of her job. Jenny has been an real asset to the Walmart team, and as a result, she now spends much of her time training the new staff and helping management set up displays. 

Jenny enjoys making new friends while at work,” said Sarah Sevilla, Jenny’s LIFEPlan Care Manager. “Her friends make her laugh and make work a happy place. Jenny also enjoys earning her own money. She gets great reviews from her managers and they love to give her new tasks to complete.”   

When Jenny was asked if she would like to pursue other employment or try something new, she said she is happy working at Walmart and enjoys the relationships that she has established there.”  

Speaking about Jenny’s accomplishment in a work setting, Sarah said, Like any job, there are a lot of challenges, but Jenny handles them very well. Her communication skills have improved a great deal and Jenny works closely with her supervisor when she has a problem or is unsure of a task. She has a great rapport with her job coach and gets along well with her coworkers. I check in on Jenny and am happy to provide her any supports she may need.”