Join the LIFEPlan Self Advocates Committee

Become a Better Self-Advocate!

Last fall, LIFEPlan launched the first Member Art Show. This successful event demonstrated the importance of offering diverse opportunities for LIFEPlan members to express themselves creatively and to connect them to each other. 

Creating a community within LIFEPlan is a priority in 2022. Last month, we worked collaboratively with Care Managers to encourage members to join a new 2022 Self-Advocacy Committee. This is a “safe-space” where members can share their experiences, meet other members and, if interested, learn some new skills. 

How does it work? The LIFEPlan Self-Advocate Committee sessions will be virtual and supervised. There are no requirements for members to use or join social media. Some events will involve speakers or films while others may be just for fun.  

There will be something for everyone! 

Self-Advocates will be encouraged to join SANYS, the Self Advocates of New York State self-advocacy group. SANYS is an organization founded and led by people with developmental disabilities for people with developmental disabilities. They promote the awareness and recognition of civil rights and responsibilities which include the opportunities and choices of equal citizenship.  

It’s free to become a member and meets virtually every month within each region. SANYS offers a wonderful opportunity to connect with peers on a local level on local issues. To learn more about SANYS and their new easy to read NYS budget explainer, click here. 

If you, or someone you know is a LIFEPlan member, and wants to join the LIFEPlan Self-Advocates Committee, ask your Care Manager for an application or click here