Join the LIFEPlan Member Art Contest

Share Your Artistic Talents

Creative expression is a critical form of communication for so many of our members. For others, it helps to relieve stress and connects them to their community. Unfortunately in many cases, these opportunities were no longer available for individuals with disabilities. 

All LIFEPlan members are invited to participate in the first  LIFEPlan Member Art Contest  highlighting artistic talent and creativity across all 6 regions. 

  • Starting November 1st, members and Care Managers can submit a photo of the member’s work.
  •  All types of art are eligible, including painting, drawings, crafts, or other forms of creative expression that can be depicted in a photo. 
  • Participants receive a 2021 LIFEPlan Artist Certificate and will have their submission shared on the LIFEPlan website Art Gallery.
  • Submit a photo of your artwork here.

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If you have any questions or need help, contact Alexa Aiello at