Member Feature: Jordyn Kravec

Singer Shares Courage, Determination, and Inspiration


When LIFEPlan Member Jordyn was 16 years old, she began writing songs with the melodies in her head. Over the next years, she wrote nine songs. In 2017, Jordyn began to record her lyrics at SubCat Studios. Jordyn created wonderful music by working with a sound engineer for each song.

Jordyn’s CD was two years in the making which includes nines songs and a remix. Studio time was put on hold for nearly a year due to the pandemic, but her CD entitled If I Had A Voice was finally released in October of 2020. Making a CD was one of Jordyn’s life goals. Jordyn was never discouraged and stayed very was determined and positive. You can find Jordyn’s CD at the Sound Garden Downton, and on all online music platforms, like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon. Jordyn wants to share a message with everyone:

“My message to others is if you have a dream, work hard towards that dream, believe in yourself and someday it will become a reality.”

Jordyn’s mom Leslie also states, “Her advice to others who have a dream is to always work hard to achieve their dreams and goals. It is possible and she’s living proof.”