Post-COVID Benefits and Opportunities

COVID Brings Benefits and Opportunities

COVID-19 has created several benefits opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These include educational opportunities, SNAP and Broadband benefits, and the American Rescue Plan. Learn more about each below.


Do you have a high school student (age 21) who would benefit from additional time to transition? There may be an opportunity available due to the pandemic. The NYS Department of Education has released important guidance on Providing Over-Age Students the Opportunity to Return to School in the 2021-22 School Year Due to COVID-19.


Last week OPWDD issued an update in the emergency allotment for SNAP recipients effective April 2021. Click the links below to read these updates and ask your Care Manager for guidance.

Even if you were receiving the maximum $234 monthly SNAP benefit and were therefore ineligible to receive any supplemental payments, you will now receive an extra $95 – increasing your SNAP benefit to $329 per month. 

If you were receiving a supplemental payment of less than $95 per month to bring you up to the maximum SNAP amount, your supplemental payment will increase to $95. In other words, if you had been receiving an $80 supplement to bring you up to the maximum $234 benefit, your total monthly benefit will increase by $15 for a total benefit amount of $249. 

If you were receiving a supplemental payment of $95 or more per month to bring you up to the maximum SNAP amount, your supplemental amount will not change and you will continue to receive the $234 maximum SNAP benefit each month.


Emergency Broadband Benefit Program goes live May 2021! This $3.2B federal program authorizes a broad demographic of low-income individuals to receive $50 off their monthly broadband bill. Click here to learn more. Advocacy group Next Century Cities has also put together some good explainers here. Speak with your Care Manager if you have questions.

American Rescue Plan

How much do you know about the recently passed American Rescue Plan? There is so much to understand about the impact to your community, your family and health care. These helpful charts help to break the information down.