News from the CEO

A Focus on Connecting and Navigating Change Together 

Summer has come to an end and a new school year is beginning. Change is a constant in all our lives; a reality our members and families are familiar with. Your LIFEPlan Care Manager is dedicated to helping you navigate changes in many ways.

As the pandemic ends, LIFEPlan’s focus is on helping new people seeking LIFEPlan services. In addition, our Care Managers are actively guiding members as they return to previous services or plan for new, updating plans and linking to provider organizations.

A positive change of note is the NYS budget which provided much needed support to the direct support workforce. We are hoping this will help agencies fill the many vacancies experienced during COVID and support new people coming into the system.  It has been very challenging for Care Managers to identify service providers with staff, and we know this is a frustration for many members. While telehealth contact was used during COVID to protect the members’ health and that of your Care Managers, we are excited about resuming meetings in person and getting to know all of you better.

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August 22 CEO Webinar