Thank You for Saving CCO Services

Your Advocacy Saved CCO Services!

On behalf of all of us at LIFEPlan, thank you for all of your critical advocacy efforts during the last few months to save CCO services. Whether you sent an email, made a phone call or used our advocacy tool, each individual action clearly made an impact on our elected officials. Thank you for informing them about how the proposed cuts would devastate the lives of individuals with disabilities.

You were heard!

Last week, I received a phone call from Senator John Mannion informing me that the proposed cut to the CCO rates had been rejected and the funding was restored in New York State’s 2021-2022 budget. I am also pleased to say that many of the other proposed cuts to OPWDD services were restored.

Last week’s outcome emphasizes how important it is for our LIFEPlan community to engage our members, coworkers and friends as a single voice to continue to advocate on an on-going basis for our family members who often cannot speak for themselves.

While we may have crossed this hurdle, there is still much work to be done to address the policy issues that continually create these funding challenges, but for now let’s celebrate this moment.






Nick Cappoletti