Trees For Troops

The Holidays are usually a time when families get together to celebrate, however for many of the country’s service men and women that is not possible.

But thanks to Trees for Troops, they were not forgotten this Christmas season!

For the past 12 years Trees for Troops has stepped in to bring the Holiday cheer to troops. 

Trees for Troops is a nationwide program that provides service men and women with a Christmas tree for the holidays. The trees are purchased by community members, schools, and organizations to be donated to troops all across the nation. 

Owner, Dewey Romagnoli of Romagnoli’s Christmas Tree Farm, provides the trees and Fed-Ex donated 2 tractor trailers to transport the trees to their destination(s).

This leaves the task of loading the trees onto the trailers.  

For the past 6 years a group of volunteers who participate in Self-Direction and their support staff happily load the trucks. This year alone they loaded over 442 Christmas Trees.

The team worked hard for about two hours in freezing cold temperatures to ensure as many troops who could not be home were still able to feel the magic of the Holidays.  

Danelle Papelino, LIFEPlan Care Manager Supervisor stated, “This is my favorite holiday activity. I have seen this event continue to grow over the past 6 years to around 20 volunteers this year. Volunteers included both members and their families”.

Danelle went on to say:

“I may not be the Care Manger for all the members here today, but I have supported each and every one at some point.”