Teacher Communication Leads to Twin Success

By Abigail Remington, LIFEPlan parent and LIFEPlan North Country Care Manager

As a parent, I always want the best and to make sure that every opportunity available is in place for my twin children, Andrew and Alexandra Gang.

In a world where so many changes are always happening, it can be difficult to navigate without help. This is especially true for a person or child with a disability.

Autism is different for everyone. My own children, both diagnosed with Autism, are two vastly different little people. At the same time, they each have the same need for support.

In the educational setting, Andrew and Alexandra are both in a program that targets their behavioral challenges. I have been concerned that they are not being provided with the opportunity to have the same type of educational experience that every other child in their school.

With the help of LIFEPlan Care Manager, Amanda Therrien, we have been able to address this problem. Amanda maintains contact with both of my children’s teachers and the school Social Worker. Amanda also takes the time to visit each in their classroom setting.

Since having Amanda as Andrew and Alexandra’s Care Manager I have seen amazing improvements that would not have been possible without her help and the transition to Care Management. Care Management provides them both with the opportunity to experience a holistic approach by incorporating every aspect of their lives and focusing on the big picture.

To be a parent of children with disabilities and experience this transition and movement first hand has been exciting. They are both fortunate to have a Care Manager like Amanda who has been encouraging and supportive throughout.