A Place to Call Home

Securing a home is key

Home is more than just a place. It’s a sanctuary to find safety, love, and the opportunity to thrive. For Michael, the path to a happier, healthier life began with the search for a place to call home.

When Michael met his new Care Manager, Amanda Arndt, he began to share details about his home life that were not previously apparent. Michael was dependent on others to ensure he had his basic needs met. Amanda recognized the risks to Michael’s well-being and began working with the LIFEPlan Incident Management team to implement safeguards.

As Michael’s home life became even more dire, Amanda worked quickly to find the right place for Michael to call home. She consulted him on his options and with Amanda’s guidance, Michael chose to explore living in a group home. Through Amanda’s dedication, an opportunity was secured at a local Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA), and so far, it seems to be the perfect fit for Michael.

At his new home, Michael has all his needs met and is getting to know his housemates. “His socialization skills will improve tremendously,” said Amanda. “I checked on him his first morning, and he was laughing and smiling.” Michael has also decided to spend time each day working towards Person-Centered goals at his new day hab program, which will help him gain independent living skills.

With the guidance of his Care Manager and the support of his community, Michael has found stability and happiness. Sometimes, all it takes is knowing you have a home where you can be safe.

The Member’s name has been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.