Basketball Bob Aims to be Famous

Member wants to turn his uncanny sports knowledge into something special

Robert “Bob” Chazik goes by many names, “Basketball Bob,” “Buzzer Beater Bob” or simply “Bob.” But one thing has remained constant: his love for sports.

Bob realized early on that he had a skill for readily memorizing sports statistics. He takes pride in his ability to retain large amounts of sports trivia, from game stats to athlete numbers; he can recite this information as if he’s reading it from a book. His sports knowledge is deep and goes back to before he was born.

A known community member, he has been recognized at school sports events, often showcasing his skills at the 3-point line in basketball. Bob amazes those in the stands by even making half-court shots. Although as he has aged, his skill at shooting hoops remains.

Bob works closely with his Care Management team. Courtney Woodard, Care Manager, and Erin Largett, Care Manager Supervisor, help Bob be the best version of himself, living independently. Erin has contacted local high schools where he could practice his basketball shots on a full court. She also helped Bob join a local pool league, and he can add this as another one of his sports talents. Although he has a focus on fitness, Bob enjoys his food and loves Rum Cake and Chicken Riggies from local businesses in Utica, NY.

A dream for Bob is to become famous for his sports trivia knowledge. In Bob’s words, “Make me famous!”