College success using Self Direction

Transition from School to College

Care Manager Noel Weaver is working with Zachary on Core Competencies: Comprehensive Care Management, Person and Family Support, and Comprehensive Transitional Care.

Transitioning from high school to college is a challenging time for anyone. There is an adjustment period as students figure out how to balance the workload, live away from home and manage newfound freedoms. Like many others in a new situation, Zachary Bobbie, a North Country LIFEPlan member, faced struggles in meeting his academic goals.   

Help from his Care Manager

That’s when LIFEPlan Care Manager Noel Weaver worked with Zachary, his family, the college, and his Self-Direction Broker to identify the supports that could help him succeed at college. One creative adaptation was to use Zachary’s Self-Direction budget to hire a student to assist him. The team also utilized the Trio department to support Zachary with studying, meeting deadlines, and general organization.  

With this support and through Zachary’s hard work and dedication, his GPA exceeded even his own expectations. He was named to the Deans list at Paul Smith’s College for the 2019 Fall semester. To achieve this academic goal, Zachary maintained a 3.3 overall Grade point average in his 3rd semester in college. With his improved GPA, Zachary was eligible to try out for Paul Smith’s snowshoeing team.  

Brighter future

“We are all incredibly proud of Zachary’s hard work and all he has accomplished. His story mimics many others for people of all abilities. Being able to adjust supports to help someone reach their goals is amazing!” said Noel.