Exceptional Care Management Service Award 2023

Tekeysha Hendricks Recognized for Exceptional Care Management

As the Exceptional Care Management Service Award recipient, Tekeysha Hendricks (above right with one of her Members) doesn’t know what a challenge Care Management can be. She is a professional who dives headfirst into whatever the situation and does her best to solve it. She especially shines as a Care Manager when one of her Members is teetering on the edge of a crisis. 

Small steps to exceptional care

For example, Tekeysha intervened when a Member was on the brink of a jail sentence. She jumped to give that person support. Tekeysha also kept a young mother connected with her newborn. When that mother became pregnant for a second time, Tekeysha helped her through the unique challenges she faced as an individual with IDD. Tekeysha supported another young mother through shared custody and is assisting her to get to a place of peace. 

“With Tekeysha, you know you’re going to have a better chance at success with Members because she’s the person who will get the job done,” said Mary Beth Redmond, Senior Vice President of Care Management. “That makes her so deserving of the Exceptional Care Manager Award. Usually, an incredible story of a care manager assisting a member to succeed or overcome a challenge earns someone the award. In this case, there isn’t just one story. There are many stories of Tekeysha working to make small steps happen, then she moves on to bigger steps and almost always takes those steps to a full run.” 

Quality care management

Mary Beth says there are many more stories where Tekeysha went the extra mile to help a Member. After months of looking for a solution, Tekeysha helped a mother and her son find successful transportation to and from school. She also helped them establish a successful transition of the Member on and off the bus. “Anyone with experience with school transportation knows what a relief this is for the parent and what a proud moment it is for the child,” Mary Beth added. 

According to Mary Beth, Tekeysha is always willing to take “break your heart” situations and turn them into something good. She has a no-nonsense, positive attitude mixed with a sprinkle of humor and an honest desire to ensure everyone is as successful as possible.

“Tekeysha is a quality Care Manager, consistent in every way,” Mary Beth said. “We are lucky to have her on the LIFEplan team, and more importantly, her Members are fortunate to have her as the best Care Manager they could ever have.”