From Adversity Springs Creativity

Member’s Art an Outlet for Expression

This month is the launch of LIFEPlan’s 2023 Member Art Gallery. And one Member clearly stands out.

Zachary Chakin began painting to calm himself during a stressful period in his life. Since then, his art has become both an outlet and a passion. His abstract and impressionistic style represents how he experiences color, texture, and movement differently than others.

“The images I create reflect visions and emotions—things that, as a person on the autism spectrum, I struggle to define,” says Zachary.

Zachary’s Care Manager, Stephanie Hammond, has guided him in using his self-direction budget to access art classes to further develop his skills. “It has been a pleasure to watch his talent blossom and be able to provide encouragement to him along the way,” she said.

Zachary doesn’t name his paintings because he feels it should be up to the beholder. He creates art reflecting his vision while allowing each viewer to find their own meaning.

Art & Neurodivergence: “How It Feels” is an exhibit by Zachary at the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society, 3800 East Genesee Street, Syracuse. It runs through the month of December.