Real-Life Santa

Care Manager knows how a few gifts can make all the difference

Ryan Moll has seen how holidays can be difficult for LIFEPlan families. Sometimes, the resources just aren’t there.

“I’ve seen those in Care Management struggle to find agencies willing to adopt families during the holiday season,” said Ryan. That’s why Ryan decided to skip the agencies and connect directly with organizations willing to make donations.

Out of college, Ryan joined the Albany Bootleggers Rugby team. He was an active member for about four years. Around the holidays, his team would adopt families in need to make their holiday extra special.

“We would go all out, doing everything we could to help the families,” said Ryan. “It gave me an idea as a Care Manager. Why not contact the local rugby teams to see if they would help some families on my caseload?”

Ryan contacted the Saratoga Rugby Football Club, and they graciously accepted the invitation. The club adopted a family that had immigrated from Ghana to Albany and had difficulty making ends meet. They bought gifts for the Member and his older brother and even purchased a gift card for the mother.

Since this connection was so successful, Ryan encouraged Saratoga Rugby to adopt two more families on his caseload this Christmas.

Ryan wore a Santa suit for fun when he delivered the gifts to the families. He may have felt as if he was playing the part, but to the families who received the gifts, Ryan was the real thing.