Building Trust

A trusting relationship laid the foundation for a healthier life

Nathalie lived alone for many years with no family to help her. She had serious medical concerns, which made her impatient. Nathalie became frustrated with whatever came at her because she didn’t feel well.

As Nathalie’s new Care Manager, Jennifer Wills knew she needed to build trust to get her on the road to better health.

Jennifer approached Nathalie with respect and understanding, offering Nathalie consistent support. As time progressed, Nathalie began to welcome Jennifer’s help.

Thanks to Jennifer, Nathalie received support like never before. It was the result of the trusting relationship Jennifer built with her. Nathalie began living a true person-centered lifestyle and was living the healthiest, most productive life she had lived in years.

Nathalie loves the attention Jennifer gives her. When they meet, Jennifer spends endless hours talking through all of Nathalie’s questions. Jennifer wakes up early to set up transportation for Nathalie, calling to remind her of a medical appointment. And when Nathalie doesn’t answer, Jennifer will drive to her house to guarantee Natalie won’t miss a medical appointment.

Jennifer ensures that Nathalie has what she needs each day. Jennifer works closely with Adult Protective Services, waiver providers, and the local hospital to help everyone understand Nathalie’s needs. Because of Jennifer’s efforts, Nathalie has agreed to move forward with additional medical testing and procedures so she is safe and healthy.

Jennifer has become a hero in Nathalie’s book. She knows that Jennifer has proven herself by positively impacting her well-being and will steer her in the right direction to keep her thriving.