Impact on Health

Care Managers guide Members to their best health

Care Managers help in many ways. They assist Members in pursuing their interests and coordinate the services needed to achieve goals. Care Managers connect Members to community-based resources, guide Members through life changes, and help Members plan a full life.

But did you know that Care Managers assist Members in accessing medical, dental, and other wellness professionals to help maintain their best health? Here are some examples of Care Managers doing just that. 

Elizabeth Galle, Capital Region

Elizabeth helped an adolescent experiencing significant challenges with his family. The Member was in crisis and needed emergency residential placement. Elizabeth coordinated mental health services while beginning self-direction. She facilitated residential screenings and communicated with agencies so the Member could receive proper support.

Molly Leary, Greater Mohawk Valley Region

Molly assisted a Member who had not seen a medical provider in many years and was hesitant to do so. Molly worked with the member to schedule an annual exam and set up transportation so the Member could keep her appointment. Molly arrived at the doctor’s office to ensure that everything went smoothly.