Homelessness to Harmony

Care Manager led Member to a safe home and happiness

Seth was a young man who loved singing and dancing, but his life was clouded by homelessness and instability. He lived in shelters with his father and sometimes stayed with his mother, which made life feel chaotic.

Care Manager Dave Rider recognized that Seth’s situation was far from ideal and was determined to make a difference. He explored various options to find a solution and eventually discovered an Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) that could serve as a suitable housing option for Seth. After visiting a potential house, Seth was excited to make the IRA his new home and was glad to know he could keep his lizard by his side. He also brought along his karaoke machine to belt out his favorite tunes.

But Dave’s support didn’t stop there. Knowing how much Seth loved dancing, Dave connected him with classes where he could dance to his heart’s content. Through ARISE‘s Day Hab Without Walls program, Dave found an animal shelter that Seth could visit. Seth’s love for animals deepened and brought him even more joy. With each new opportunity, Seth thrived.

Then came the best news of all—Seth’s family had found a stable home where they could welcome him. He could now live with his pet lizard and continue pursuing his love of music and dance.

Dave’s impact through Care Management was evident throughout the process. His dedication and compassion not only changed Seth’s life but also brought hope and joy to his family. With Dave’s help, Seth went from homelessness to harmony and empowered him to embrace his passions.

The Member’s name has been changed to protect their privacy.