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The Provider Relations team is focused on building positive relationships with our Provider Partners. Each director is a regionally based and an experienced relationship manager. They work with Providers to positively impact the delivery of high-quality, person-centered services for Members.

The Provider Relations team works with key leadership at provider agencies to:

  • Promote proactive communication, including regular connections with Care Management
  • Identify service gaps
  • Promote provider programs and services
  • Explore ways to collectively support Members and their families
  • Advocate with one voice
  • Share your ideas!

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Provider Relations News and Events

Provider Educational Webinars

Providers: Please join us for educational webinars to provide you a deeper understanding of IDD best practices.

Resursi provajdera

Quick reference tools to assist provider agency professionals in their work with Care Managers and Members.

Ikona alata resursa zajednice

Alat za resurse zajednice

The Community Resource Tool is a database of programs, services, and resources across multiple counties in NYS to help Members and families find both community and disability services they need. 

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Karen Hoffman

Karen Hoffman

(315) 930-4502

Anne Seepersaud

Anne Seepersaud

(607) 214-0618

Nadira Bryan

Nadira Bryan

(914) 359-4588

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Karen Hoffman

Anne Seepersaud

Nadira Bryan