College Aspirations

Care Manager fulfills college aspirations with the right support

Sabrinna has been advocating for Emma since she was six years old. So it’s no surprise that Sabrinna is helping Emma with her transition from high school to pursue a college degree.

Emma has always been smart. However, she needed help to get the proper support and services to succeed academically during her elementary and high school years.

“We had many meetings to support her academic and social needs,” said Sabrinna. “I attended many CSE meetings and made lots of phone calls.”

At that time, Sabrinna assisted with IEP development to support Emma changing schools based on her needs as a student.

The change was good for Emma. She began to excel academically and joined groups that matched her interests, like orchestra, drama club, and the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

“The last twelve years have been so important for Emma,” said Sabrinna. “I listened to the concerns Emma and her mom shared with me and navigated through them one at a time.”

Emma graduated from high school with a Regent’s diploma and is now in her second year of college. She is on the Dean’s List, has joined campus student groups. and is living independently in a dorm.

“Emma is learning firsthand how to do laundry, make meals, and manage her money,” said Sabrinna. She adds that Emma travels home for weekend visits using funds from her self-direction budget. Emma is lucky to have Sabrinna to champion her as a student, knowing exactly what she needs.