Enrollment in Care Coordination Services

Como se inscrever em Serviços de Gestão de Cuidados

Elegibilidade OPWDD + Inscrição Medicaid = Gestão de Cuidados

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Enrollment in Care Coordination services is an important but sometimes lengthy process. This is especially true for parents and family members who are juggling many roles and priorities in caring for their loved ones with developmental disabilities.

O LIFEPlan CCO fornece um serviço de inscrição único com pessoal especializado em Care Connection que orienta as famílias através do processo de inscrição para obterem serviços de invalidez. Esses serviços podem ser habilitação da comunidade, descanso, emprego, acomodações, saúde e outros para dar à pessoa com deficiência a melhor vida possível.

The Care Connection Enrollment Specialist assists families in applying for Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) eligibility and Medicaid. This specialist shares information about required documents and procedures and guides Members through the steps they need to take as requirements of the state and federal service system.

Requisitos de Diagnóstico de Qualificação

  • Onset da condição está presente antes dos 22 anos de idade
  • Espera-se que a condição seja permanente.
  • O diagnóstico afecta todos os dias, a vida independente
  • Conditions include intellectual disability, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological impairments, familial dysautonomia, Prader-Willi syndrome, and others. 

Duração do Processo de Elegibilidade

Once a person connects with LIFEPlan CCO, we will walk you through the eligibility and enrollment process as needed. Timing is based on the county you live in and your personal circumstances. Generally, you should plan for several months from start to finish. Once approved for disability services, the individual will officially enroll with LIFEPlan CCO.

Inscrição no LIFEPlan

What to Expect from Your Care Manager

The Care Manager assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families as they navigate OPWDD and other service systems, guiding them to create a Life Plan. A Care Manager is assigned to each Member, helping them to establish and maintain the appropriate services.

Discutir a inscrição com os membros da família e os que amam

Porquê escolher o LIFEPlan?

LIFEPlan is a parent-led CCO. Nick Cappoletti, LIFEPlan CEO, knows what parents and families experience in caring for a child with a disability. For more than 30 years, Nick has been his son Mark’s chief advocate and caregiver. He has helped Nick navigate many obstacles due to developmental disabilities. His firsthand knowledge of raising Mark guides Nick’s vision for LIFEPlan.

An extensive, personal, year-round training program supports Care Managers. This includes weekly OPWDD guidance, seminars on physical, mental, and behavioral health, and a personalized online learning portal with dozens of modules on Care Management, OPWDD regulations, disabilities, health and wellness support, and more. LIFEPlan Care Managers are trained on average 75 to 100 hours each year.

Members are represented by a large, active Member and Family Advisory Council representing all six regions. Sixty self-advocates, parents, siblings, and other caregivers make up the MFA Councils, which meet four to six times per year to discuss and plan for advocacy related to Care Management and needs in the broader IDD sphere. Each region is also staffed by a parent liaison. This liaison interacts with Members and families with a focus on advocacy, leadership, and member education.