Excellence in Service

LIFEPlan CCO Disability Service Excellence Recognized by New York State

The leadership team at LIFEPlan CCO would like to announce that LIFEPlan earned the highest designation in its recent evaluation by New York State’s Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) and the New York State Department of Health.

LIFEPlan received the highest possible scores in providing person-centered services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). All CCOs in New York State must be evaluated to ensure services meet the level required by OPWDD.

The OPWDD review encompassed three parts: A policy and practice review concluded in April, collated PCR data during the evaluation period, and Department of Health data. All three elements were weighted and used to determine the final LIFEPlan redesignation.

LIFEPlan received full credit for person-centered services as evaluated by OPWDD. CEO Nick Cappoletti said, “We scored 100% in the evaluation and received the highest possible redesignation period. This redesignation shows the state’s confidence in the level of service we provide to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Through this high performance, LIFEPlan earned the maximum period of three years before OPWDD returns to conduct its next evaluation.

“In the ever-changing environment of disability services, we can take pride in our Care Managers and staff who ensure the highest quality in their work, helping Members live their fullest lives,” said COO Jaime Madden. “Their dedication and expertise have led to this success.”

LIFEPlan Care Managers provide services to help people with IDD live healthier, happier lives, focusing on health and wellness, connecting people to the community, and assisting with transitions. This achievement marks a positive step in the role Care Management plays in the OPWDD systems of supports and services.