Whether you’re already a member of LIFEPlan, a family member, one of our many partners or simply interested in becoming a member or Network Provider, we want to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need immediate assistance, please call our main number 315-565-2612 or email us directly at info@lifeplanccony.com.

LIFEPlan On Call Phone Numbers

These numbers are for urgent matters that cannot wait until the next business day. For all other matters, please use the main number listed above during regular business hours.

  • Capital District: (518) 992-4866 Ext. 9074
  • Central New York: (315) 235-3457 Ext. 9072
  • Greater Mohawk Valley: (315) 939-1726 Ext. 9073
  • Hudson Valley: (845) 228-8470 Ext. 9076
  • North Country: (518) 708-9742 Ext. 9075
  • Southern Tier: (607) 930-4766 Ext. 127

Compliance Hotline

(315) 338-4095

LIFEPlan CCO NY has established a Compliance Hotline. The Hotline is intended to supplement normal administrative channels, such as QA or Human Resources. For routine compliance concerns, attempt to speak to your immediate supervisor/manager. Any concerns regarding improper or unethical activity such as violations of professional standards of practice or business ethics, breach of member privacy or confidentiality, information system security breach, inaccurate billing, or conflicts of interest should be reported. This list does not include all the possible violations that should be reported to the Compliance Department but provides examples of the different type of things that the Compliance Office would like to hear about. Information provided to the hotline is treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law. The Compliance hotline phone number 315-338-4095 is a dedicated voice mailbox accessible only by Compliance staff.

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