Medicaid Recertification

 Keep Your Medicaid Benefits Intact

Medicaid benefits support many of the disability services provided by LIFEPlan CCO, including care management. To ensure you continue to receive Medicaid benefits, it is important that accurate information is relayed to Medicaid.

Changes in address, income, source of income, and amount of resources may require you to recertify. In addition, many people who receive Medicaid will need to recertify due to ending of the public health emergency (PHE) that was in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Care Manager will help you with Medicaid Recertification. Register for the Member and Family Forum below to learn more. 

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Medicaid Recertification and Renewal

What to Know About Medicaid Recertification

You must recertify for Medicaid if there has been a change in the following:

  • Living arrangement (verify address, household members, rent, water bills)
  • Income (provide pay stubs, tax forms)
  • Resources (provide bank statements, other resources)
  • Insurance (provide insurance card)
  • Satisfactory Immigration Citizenship (provide birth certificate, Naturalization certificate, green card, employment authorization card, I-94)

Your Care Manager will contact you in December to talk about Medicaid. In addition, Medicaid Recertification Packets will be sent to you by mail. Your Care Manager can help you complete this packet.

Recertification documents are time sensitive. The due date is shown in bold on the first page of the recertification packet.

Medicaid recertification approvals are issued on the 30th day of the following month.

If a person receives SSI, they do not need to re-certify.

If any of the above information has not changed since your last recertification, you do not need to recertify.

Medicaid Recertification is important. Get help from your Care Manager!