About LIFEPlan

Live the LIFE You Want to Live

LIFEPlan connects people to the full spectrum of services to support optimal health and wellness, creating opportunities to live meaningful lives full of choice. Children and adults with Intellectual and Development Disabilities should not be defined by their disabilities but by their strengths and abilities. LIFEPlan gives you or your loved one the supports necessary to allow full and meaningful participation in your home, school and community.

LIFEPlan CCO NY is a parent-led Care Coordination Organization serving a 38-county region in New York State. Organizing into 6 smaller sub-regions gives a the opportunity to meet your needs on a personal level. With our size and experience – and a personal touch – we’re connecting our members to the support they need to live full, meaningful lives.

Why Choose LIFEPlan?

Many of the leaders and Care Managers in LIFEPlan have children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, allowing us to uniquely understand what LIFEPlan members are going through. It’s what makes us so dedicated to ensuring that every child, every adult and every family receives the care they deserve. It’s also why we’re so committed to maintaining continuity of care for individuals and their families.

Our Core Values
Our Core Values
Person-Centered Services and Supports

Focusing on each person and their vision of what he or she would like to do and accomplish in the future.

Community Inclusion and Participation

Providing assistance to people looking for volunteer or job opportunities or overall involvement in their community.

Independence and Self-Direction

Educating people about resources and services for their individual needs, and empowering them to pursue interests that lend to those needs.