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The Knowledge Center has been developed to empower our members with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families with the information and tools they need to reach their full potential. To search specific topics, click the search icon at the top of the page.

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New to Care Management Services?

Getting Started

Get help enrolling your child or family member for disability services.

How Care Coordination Works

Care Coordination Organizations (CCO) connect you to the disability programs, support, and services you need. LEARN MORE…

Video on Enrollment

Enroll your child or family member for disability services so they can get the help they need to live a full and healthy life.

Care Management

Care Management coordinates disability supports and services that members and families need.

Building Great Relationships with Your Care Manager

It is important to practice good communications strategies when talking with your Care Manager so that they can clearly understand your needs. LEARN MORE…

Care Management Basics

What to expect from Care Management Services and how your Care Manager will assist with the process. LEARN MORE…

Building Great Relationships with Your Care Manager

Overview of LIFEPlan

As you start the CCO enrollment process, your Care Manager will coordinate many different services and communicate with you regularly to ensure you understand the terms, documents and processes required.


Eligibility is required to access disability services. A variety of assessments are then administered.

Navigating Disability Services with Your Care Manager

Care Managers assist with a person-centered planning process to document how and where someone wants to live. LEARN MORE…

Assessments: What You Need to Know Now Webinar

To access disability services in NYS, OPWDD eligibility is required. Once achieved, a variety of assessments are administered to determine the nature and significance of the developmental disability and receive services.

Care Management Planning


Choose services and support that give more control over how you want to live.

Creative Ways to Find Support Staff

Create your own DSP handbook. LEARN MORE…

Self-Direction Road MapSelf Direction Services

This post is to help our members and their families better understand how to access self-directed services. LEARN MORE…

Self-Direction Webinar

Self-Direction allows you to have increased flexibility to choose the right supports for you, the staff you want to work with and a schedule that works best for you. This gives you more control over how you want to structure your life. 

Self-Direction Road Map

Residential Services

Residential information and opportunities. Options can vary from region to region.

Residential Options

Residential Opportunities for people with disabilities

Where can I live? A wide range of residential opportunities are available for adults with IDD. LEARN MORE…

A Home of Her Own

Steps this family took to learn  how to buy a home for their daughter with Down’s Syndrome. LEARN MORE…

Housing Round Table Discussion

A wide range of residential opportunities are available for adults with IDD. Families are encouraged to start talking about alternative settings with their children early.

Download these documents to learn more.

Housing Options Infographic | Spanish

Future Planning

Several aspects to consider when determining how to best protect your family member with a disability.

Understanding Guardianship

An important part of future planning for individuals with IDD is understanding guardianship. LEARN MORE…

Future Planning Webinar

There is so much for families to consider as we age. Who will care for our family member when we are no longer able to? These resources will help to get you started on planning for these important decisions. 

Download these documents to learn more.

Guardianship FAQs| Spanish

Important Resources

Care Management Helps

Have more questions? The Care Management Helps document series may have the answers you need.

Transition Planning

Important factors to consider when transitioning from the education system to adult services.

Transitioning from School to Adult Life

Transitioning from school to adult life can lead to may things such as continuing education, employment, or taking part in meaningful activities. LEARN MORE…

Transition Planning Webinar

For many families, the transition from the education system to the world of adult services is often intimidating and overwhelming. Staring the planning process by age 14 is critical, but there are other important factors to consider.


Helping Self Advocates make the best of social connections.

Socializing Safely in a Post Pandemic World

This post how explains to safely resume the many aspects of becoming involved in community gatherings while feeling comfortable with ongoing COVID protocols. LEARN MORE…

Socializing Safely Round Table Discussion

For many individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, navigating social relationships can be challenging. We work with our self-advocates to explore these issues and connect them with the tools that can help.

Download these documents to learn more.

Socializing Safely Infographic | Spanish


Understanding the complex process of accessing benefits can be overwhelming. 

Disability Benefits as We Age

Navigating the complex process of accessing Social Security benefits can often be daunting for parents and their family members with disabilities. This is even more important as we age.   LEARN MORE…

Applying for SSI After Age 18

Understanding the complex process of accessing benefits and entitlements can often be overwhelming for our members and their families. These tools and resources have been developed to help.

Aging & Dementia

A webinar presented by The Kennedy Willis Center on the prevalence of dementia in adults with IDD.

Aging & Dementia in Adults with IDD

One of the most serious and life-changing concerns that individuals with Down syndrome face as they grow older is the increased risk of developing dementia. LEARN MORE…

Aging & Dementia in Adults with IDD

This infographic provides facts about Down Syndrome that you may not be aware of. 

Download these documents to learn more.

Down Syndrome Fact Sheet | Spanish

Kennedy Willis Resources Guide