Member Engagement

Connect. Learn. Share Your Voice.

Member Engagement keeps LIFEPlan members and their families connected to information and learning opportunities.The Member and Family Advisory Council gives members a way to share your voice about services and supports that matter most to you.

MFA Council Regional Liaisons

The MFA Council Regional Liaison is a point of contact for LIFEPlan members and families when you need another person to listen, guide you to answers, or to provide feedback to the MFA Council. A team member of the MFA Council, each region has its own liaison who is a LIFEPlan parent caring for a child with disability.

Members are encouraged to reach out to the Liaison in your region with questions, concerns or support. As a parent or caregiver, the Liaison understands the journey and is ready to help.

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Mohawk Valley


Joe Ryan

Southern Tier


CNY Liaison Devin Carman

Kevin Carman

Central New York


Bridget LaPage

Bridget LaPage

North Country


Lori Lemke NEW

Lori Lemke

Capital Region


Stacy Mason

Stacy Mason

Hudson Valley


Community Relations Managers

The Community Relations Manager is an integral part of the Member Engagement team. The CRM supports the mission of LIFEPlan through outreach and relationship building with prospective members, their families and the greater community.

Karlene.Cimo MV

Karlene Cimo

Community Relations Manager, West

Southern Tier   Central New York   Mohawk Valley


Megan Root

Megan Root

Community Relations Manager, East

Hudson Valley   Capital   North Country