Life Changer

Family explores trails thanks to their Care Manager

Jason is a teenager surrounded by a loving family. His father, stepmother, and grandmother live in one large suburban home in Woodstock, NY.

When Jason was one year old, he was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS). The journey for families of a child with LGS is often difficult, even more so for Jason’s family as he has limited vision, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy. Jason uses a wheelchair and an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) and needs a walker to assist his family in transporting him within the community.

Making connections

Care Manager Josh Leben has known Jason since he was in kindergarten, working with him as he transitioned to Care Management services at LIFEPlan. “I’ve had the great opportunity of working with Jason, getting to know him as he grew into a charismatic and endearing young adult,” said Josh.

Two men stand on a trail behind a wheelchair-like device with a younger man seated in it.
Scott, Jason’s father, Josh Leben, and Jason hit the trail.

Jason’s mobility challenges often kept him from spending time outdoors. His parents discussed this with Josh and inquired about a mobility aid that would safely allow Jason to join his family on walks on the trails near his home. They knew the appropriate device would be a “life-changer” for Jason and open a wide variety of recreational opportunities to him. Even though Jason is blind, they want him to experience the sunshine and the smell of the wilderness.

To get the right mobility device, Josh contacted Jake’s Help From Heaven, a non-profit in Saratoga Springs dedicated to supporting individuals with multiple medical challenges and disabilities. He was optimistic their request would be granted. Josh helped them complete the application and worked to collect the supporting documentation.

Hitting the trails

“I’m happy to report that Jason’s application was approved last month,” said Josh. “So far, he’s had limited opportunities to use his device due to the cold weather, but he expects to use it regularly in the coming months to enjoy the trails with his family.”

Josh and Jason’s family are grateful to Jake’s Help From Heaven for helping them get the extra help needed to improve Jason’s life.