Quick Thinking

Care Manager’s quick thinking leads to a smooth transition

LIFEPlan Care Manager Athena’s quick thinking kept Lauren safe during a difficult transition. Lauren lived with her mother and was surrounded by love her whole life. With that support, Lauren became a fun-loving person who cherished Elvis and dancing.

When Lauren’s mother went into a hospital unexpectedly, she couldn’t stay home alone since she had many needs as a person with IDD.  “I immediately explored the options and found Lauren a respite home the next day,” said Athena. Lauren had certain medical needs herself, and in the respite setting, she needed a consent form and a change in her legal guardian to address this.

a woman appears smiling wearing glasses.
Athena Gill

Unfortunately, when Lauren’s mother came home from the hospital, she could not care for Lauren. Athena was there again to help the family find Lauren a new home. “I visited Lauren’s mother in the hospital and explained the need, and she was agreeable to everything.” Athena set up communication between Lauren’s physicians and assisted with the transfer of her medical records.

New home with new friends

“Using funds from her  NYSARC trust, we helped her furnish her new bedroom to make it warm and inviting,” said Athena. Several Life Plan addendums were completed throughout this process to accommodate Lauren’s new needs.

Lauren is living her best life in the residential home, where her fellow residents share her interests in Elvis and dancing. With support from staff, Lauren keeps in touch with her family and friends.

“Lauren’s adjustment to the new setting is exceptional,” said Athena. “I feel fortunate I was able to help her find just the right place.”

The Member’s name has been changed to protect the individual’s privacy.