“Binder of Their Life” IEP Meeting Toolkit

Create Your Own IEP Toolkit

Looking to make an impact at your child’s IEP meeting? Hudson Valley member Doris, suggests you walk in with the “Binder of Their Life” under your arm. 

Doris is the parent of two school age children who feels that her school district has done a good job trying to connect families in her community to services by offering monthly parent training sessions, however she has expressed some frustration. She stated,

Most of these sessions are in the morning when parents like myself are working. 

In addition to participating on the Member & Family Advisory Council at LIFEPlan, Doris is a New York City Police officer and takes college classes at night. She feels evening events would be more accessible and that they should be recorded so families can get the information when they have the time and energy to focus.  

She went on to say,

It’s not that the process is hard, but there are so many steps that parents get frustrated. Most just want someone else to take care of it for them.

Putting together her son’s “Binder of Their Life.” This binder has his IEP’s, assessments, medical and eligibility information, helps Doris to sleep better at night.

If something were to happen to me, I know that all of the information it’s taken me years to pull together and organize is there for my husband or his Care Manager if they need it.

We couldn’t agree more with Doris! Want to start your own binder? Click here for a helpful resource you can use as a guide.  

If you are already a LIFEPlan member, your Care Management may already have many of the documents you need to start a binder. Reach out to them and get your child’s binder ready for their spring annual review.