Don’t Worry Be Happy

Eleven-year-old LIFEPlan member Ethan James is on a mission. A mission to bring smiles to people’s faces during the COVID-19 pandemic and the world of social isolation.

Years ago, Ethan and his father spent time drawing together as a therapeutic tool.Drawing was a passion they both shared and they both enjoyed this time together. Ethan’s dad would often display his works of art in his office at home.

When Ethan’s dad passed away a few years ago, Ethan’s love of drawing continued. Ethan began to research topics important to him, creating cartoons based on his research.

Megan Donlon, Ethan’s MSC/Care Manager for the last 8 years said, “Ethan is an old soul who feels deeply for others. He uses his creativity to help others feel better.”

So, it came as no surprise that when COVID-19 pandemic began, Ethan used the struggles of being stuck at home as a catalyst for creating the “Happiness Mission!”.

Beginning March 20th, Ethan has uploaded a cartoon to his mom’s Facebook page each day to give people a reason to smile, even for a short time. The cartoons are funny and sometimes informational. A recent cartoon suggested movie genres that people could watch to help pass the time.

Ethan, who aspires to be an animator someday, created his own comic persona in “High Fiving” , a cartoon that embraces his autism and uniqueness as a person.
Ethan’s passion for drawing puts a smile on many people’s faces with his talent as well.