Getting Closer to Family Makes a Difference

An Inspiring Story

Growing up, LIFEPlan member Megan Minnick and her sister Kate cherished their sibling relationship. The two spent a lot of time together doing the things sisters do.

When they grew up, Kate married and established a home in Canada. Although Megan was extremely happy for her sister, she lived a long way from Kate and couldn’t see her as often. Being so far away made it difficult to visit. In 2018, Megan and her mom Trudy moved to Franklin County in northern New York so they could be closer.

During the relocation process, Megan decided to enroll with LIFEPlan CCO and began working with Care Manager Marlene Pickering. Marlene helped set up and ensure that needed supports were in place. Trudy said,

Marlene was very responsive to our needs, and stays in contact with us to provide up-to-date information.

Although Megan had Self-Direction in her previous location, it was not well established. Working with Marlene and her Self-Direction Broker Rebecca McDermott, (a LIFEPlan North Country Member and Family Advisory Council member), she learned more about the flexibility available through a Self-Direction budget. Working with her team, Megan hired staff who began to encourage her to try new activities and learn new skills.

“Some of the activities Megan enjoys now are walking local YMCA fitness trails, horseback riding, and preparing her own meals” says Trudy.

“With her new staff, Megan participates in many new activities and has also worked hard at losing weight, something she is proud of,” Pickering said.

With staff in place, Meghan has made many trips across the border to see her sister. She is happy to be closer and to live a better life with the support she and her mom get from LIFEPlan and her self direction team