Pam’s Story: Finding a New Life

LIFEPlan member Pamela Tiffany experienced change in a big way when her husband left her after 9 years of marriage. She not only lost her companion, she found herself without any means of transportation.

For Pam, this impacted her ability to attend family gatherings, community events, medical appointments and social meetings. Pam struggled with her new reality for a few years, but little by little re-established connections with friends and family, which she had lost over the years.

Often feeling house-bound and trapped, Pam began to go outside her comfort zone to take trips with Eastern Travel. She also accessed the Office for Aging (OFA) senior bus transportation to shop in a larger city. Pam also began to eat dinner regularly at TA’s Diner in Walton, where her cousin helped her meet people.
As a result of participating in the community and eating at TA’s, everything changed for Pam when she met Woody. As she has gotten to know Woody, she has found happiness and companionship again.

Over the past year they have taken several vacations together, attended local festivals, concerts and spend most weekends together. Pam says she never thought she would find happiness again, but she has! Pam and Woody are planning to move in together, hopefully this fall! Pam currently works at Roling V as a bus monitor and is applying for a new job closer to where Woody lives.

Through support from her LIFEPlan Care Manager, Constance Elder, and Community Habilitation workers over the past few years, Pam’s life has made a complete turnaround in ways she never imagined possible. “Pam is truly happy and hopeful about the future!” Constance said