The Road to Home!

Knowing you have a safe and warm place to lay our head at night gives people a great sense of security. Imagine unexpectedly finding yourself without that security.

Troy Brown, Mohawk Valley LIFEPlan member, did not have to imagine how that felt as it became his reality. Due to a string of events, Troy found himself homeless, staying in hotel rooms, sleeping on the street and relying on his social capital (friends) to “couch surf”. He believed there was no solution to this dilemma.

Thankfully Troy began working with a new LIFEPLan Care Manager, LynnMarie Durso, who quickly and diligently began working to find him a home. With perseverance and Lynne Marie’s “don’t take no for an answer” attitude Troy found a DDSO supported home in a DDSO near Syracuse.

Troy “had made it clear that he hates to be alone,” said LynnMarie, “and now he doesn’t have to.” Troy quickly settled into his new home and has made many new friends in the process.

When asked what he learned throughout this process Troy stated, “I would like other people to know to hang in there, ask for help and you will get the help you need.”

“I am happy that Troy found a home where he feels safe and is making many friends.” said LynnMarie.

Congratulations Troy!