Improve Your Oral Health

Do You Need Dental Assistance?

Do you struggle maintaining good oral health and/or accessing a dental provider for routine dental care? If so, LIFEPlan CCO NY is excited to share information about a NYS Dental Association grant-funded pilot program to improve oral health in persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The free, 90-day, program includes linkage with a Registered Dental Hygienist who will help you understand the importance of good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups and cleanings and will provide assistance in accessing a dental provider in your community if needed. Members who participate in the pilot also receive a free tracking and monitoring device to improve toothbrushing called the “Truthbrush”. The Truthbrush is a commercially available product. The developers are interested in gathering baseline information about its acceptance and usefulness with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (personal information will never be shared).

We encourage you to review the attached flyer and, if interested, to reach out to Dawn Helstrom, Dental Health Coordinator at 607-313-9602 or to see if you/your family member qualifies. Basic eligibility criteria include having an I/DD diagnosis, having a WiFi internet connection and smart device (with someone to assist you/your family member if needed), and not having had a dental cleaning in a dental office in the last 12 months.

Don’t forget: Dentists who accept Medicaid are listed on LIFEPlan’s Community Resource Tool. Here you can search to find a dentist in your area.