Tina Fitzgerald: Leader, Activist, LIFEPlan Member

“Look at me, not through me.”  – Tina Fitzgerald, Salina Town Council 3rd Ward candidate


Tina Fitzgerald

If you live in the Salina 3rd Ward area of Syracuse, you may have heard of Tina Fitzgerald.

Tina, LIFEPlan member and a CNY Member and Family Advisory Council member, ran for political office this fall after years of being involved with the local Democratic Committee.  When approached in April by the local nominating committee to see if she was interested in running for the town council, Tina did not hesitate to accept the challenge.

When asked why she took on this challenge, Tina said she was ready for the role because:

“I am a good leader.”
“I want to move people to understand people with disabilities are everywhere and can do anything.”
“I want to use my life experience to bring new ideas to our community.”

Tina made the choice early on to run based on her merits alone. Throughout political journey, Tina noted that in the past, “people have looked through me, now they look at me and see me.”

In the end, Tina did not secure as many votes as her opponent but she accomplished another goal she set out to do – “I want to encourage other LIFEPlan members to be leaders”.

Congratulations Tina on a successful campaign!