Using the Power of Video to Help Others

LIFEPlan Member has a Passion for Videography

LIFEPlan member Brandy Parker resides in Sydney, NY, has dealt with the impacts of COVID-19 through her passion for videography.

“COVID has changed my life both physically and emotionally. I haven’t been able to go to work, see my friends or my boyfriend for some time now. I know I am not alone as many people I know are struggling too”

Brandy said. She has found a way to share with others through her newfound passion of videography, so they are not feeling all alone.

Brandy attends The Arc of Delaware County Studio 190 program where she participates in many of the various art activities. The art studio encourages people to use self-expression, exploration, creativity, and teamwork in the creation of their projects. Artists collaboratively make pieces for special events like holiday parades and festivals around the County and for display in businesses. As part of the program, Brandy took a course on video editing and did so well, the art instructor asked her to consider putting together a video on how people are managing during the pandemic. 

The Passion for Videography

As one would expect, Brandy was both very flattered and a little nervous about taking on such a large project, but she rolled up her sleeves and with her can do attitude got to work. Putting all her knowledge and skills to the test as she was the Producer, Director and Editor. Even though it was a huge challenge, she was determined to complete this project so others could benefit.    

Brandy interviewed several people who shared their experiences of dealing with COVID and how it impacted their lives.  Susan Taynor-Winters, Brandy’s LIFE Plan care manager stated,

“Brandy worked on all the different aspects of producing the video. She loved doing it and was pleased with the outcome. The project has helped her learn to focus on herself and what she can do. She is a Rock Star.”

Here is a link to Brandy’s inspiring video. The thoughtfully edited piece caught the eye of a Pennsylvania TV station, who decided to share it with their followers on their website.   

Brandy’s creativity and drive during this difficult time has helped her and is a source of inspiration to many others. Here you can view some of Brandy’s artwork. Brandy has increased confidence by tapping into her creative mind, and she is currently working on a collection of paintings and drawings of a single still-life. Brandy’s topic of choice for the monograph is flowers. She hopes to have it published by Christmas in book form.