Advisory Council

Support for Families

LIFEPlan connects members and families to education and advocacy opportunities through its Member and Family Advisory Council, webinar events, weekly e-news letters, the LIFEPlan website, and social media pages.

The Member & Family Advisory Council gives members, parents, self advocates, and caregivers an opportunity to be the voice of LIFEPlan sharing their experiences and perspective to guide program and systems development.

Six regional MFA Councils advise LIFEPlan on important topics related to Care Management, Education, Advocacy, Communications, and more. There are many ways to participate in the Councils whether it be Advising LIFEPlan leadership on topics of interest or concern for members, sitting on committees, or participating in your own areas of interest.

MFA Council Video

Mission Statement

The LIFEPlan CCO Member and Family Advisory Council (MFA Council) is a group of LIFEPlan members, families and caregivers that meets regularly to support, connect, guide, and advocate to enhance the member experience and improve the lives of all in the intellectual and developmental disability community.

MFA Council

  • Parents, Caregivers, Self-Advocates
  • No term limit
  • Council members sign an annual participation agreement   
  • Focus is on participation, including but not specific to meetings
  • MFA Councils will support individual interests/needs 
  • Meeting attendance not required, but encouraged