Care Management Basics

Care Management Services

At LIFEPlan CCO, we believe that every person has the right to define the life you want to live.

With enrollment in LIFEPlan Care Management, people with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) get help finding, coordinating, and accessing the services they need.

Through close, personal support, Care Managers coordinate services. These services include

  • healthcare,
  • personal services and social supports,
  • disease-related care for chronic conditions, and
  • access to preventative care.

Care Management services are provided with sensitivity to cultural and language preferences.

 The Role of the Care Manager

The Care Manager assists members in many aspects of life that includes planning and assisting with

  • IDD services
  • Medicaid and SSI services
  • social services
  • healthcare and medical appointments
  • self-direction
  • any services identified in your Life Plan.

Care Managers stay in contact with a regular schedule of meetings each quarter (depending on the level of service chosen), and members who contact their Care Manager  can expect to hear back from them within 48 hours, except in an emergency.

Visit our services webpage to learn more or download this helpful document: Care Management Basics