Creative Ways to Find DSP Staff

Round Table Discussion

This month the Member & Family Advisory Council Round Table Discussion will focus on creative ways to find DSP staff. It’s no surprise to anyone that New York State is in the midst of a major workforce crisis. Individuals with intellectual and development developmental disabilities are suffering from years of underfunded programs and services. Direct care workers have been bearing the brunt of this, receiving minimum wage pay for what we all know is often a complex and demanding position.  

Over the course of the spring, OPWDD hosted a series of public forums seeking input for their Five Year State Plan, also called the 5.07 plan. Parents, family members, service providers and self-advocates almost unanimously expressed desperation and frustration at the lack of available DSP’s. OPWDD has responded by committing over 80% of the Federal Medicaid Assistance funds, or FMAP dollars, to expanding the workforce. Many think it’s too little too late. Others have just had to take matters into their own hands. Let’s talk about it! 

Our August 23rd Member and Family Advisory Council Round Table event will tackle this issue head on: How can our community help each other find creative ways to find support staff?

Do you use Facebook or other social platforms to find staff? Tell us about them! Have you used a website like, Joshin or Supportal to successfully find staff? Share that experience with us. How about Indeed or Craigs List? Maybe you’ve had success with CDPAP? Tell us your GO TO ideas and we’ll share ALL of ours with you after the event next week. They will also be added to the Community Resource Tool.

Contact Member Relations Manager with your ideas here.