Shanell Finds Her Groove!

Shanell is a LIFEPlan member who lived with her mother, who was her caregiver. Not long ago both were hospitalized and had to stay for several months. When they were

discharged, Shanell’s mother was not able to care for her, so other plans needed to be made.

While at the hospital, Shanell befriended the hospital Social Worker who encouraged her to work with her LIFEPlan Care Manager, Nicole Cross, to obtain other supports. Using the IAM assessment, Nicole and Shanell worked together to find new types of needed supports.

With this knowledge, the pair began searching for a new place to live, and Shanell decided to move into a residence supported by Catholic Charities. Shanell is proud to have a room she does not have to share with anyone and can “jam to Mariah Carey.” She also enjoys the freedom to visit her family whenever she chooses.

Shanell’s mom recently passed and she is working through the grieving process with supports from her new residence and Nicole.

Shanell is excited that she has recently started attending day habilitation and is working towards a goal to be employed by McDonald’s.

Nicole is happy to see Shanell working toward her dreams, and she said, “I am happy to be there to support her when needed.”