Building Trust with the People We Support

Care Manager Relationships

Like many of our Care Managers, Abby Remington is not only a LIFEPlan employee she is also the parent of a child with a disability. Abby told us,

The best part of being a mother with children with disabilities and a Care Manager is being able to learn from other mothers, and members, that I help each day.

Abby, who started as a Medicaid Service Coordinator for St. Lawrence NYSARC in 2017 and transitioned then to the Care Management role at LIFEPlan shortly after in 2019, brings so much value to the members and families she supports. She told us that she, “wanted to tell others how special this job has been to me throughout the years.”   

Trust and Communication

During the month of September, we’re taking a deep dive into an important topic. This topic is the important but often complex relationship our members have with their Care Manager. Any parent or sibling of an individual with developmental disabilities knows how hard it can be to access services. They also know how difficult it is to navigate the complex systems required to support their family members. The process can often be slow and cumbersome, which is frustrating for both the members and the Care Managers 

Building trust and good communication are critical to this relationship. Abby says,

Being able to connect to a member, or members’ family, creates a recipe for a positive and lasting quality relationship. As a Care Manager for LIFEPlan CCO NY I have actively assisted with service coordination. More importantly, I have assisted in a larger picture in the quality and longevity of their lives by caring.

On September 30th, our Care Management team will be hosting a webinar to share resources and discuss how you and your Care Manager can work together to build stronger bonds. Please watch your email for an invitation to this informative event.