Communicating with Your Care Manager

Tips to Build Better Relationships

When we ask LIFEPlan members what they value most in their Care Manager relationship, the answer is almost always good communication. Knowing when and how to connect, as well as how often, can be the difference between a great relationship and one that creates tension. 

For so many members and families, technology can often interfere with establishing good communication. During the pandemic, all of us relied heavily on technology to stay connected and access information. While this worked for some, it created new challenges for others.  

In addition, and due to certain regulations, Medicaid requires that CCO’s use email encryption to protect members personal health information. While the safety and security of members is always a priority, the encryption process can also create unnecessary barriers to many trying to access information via email from their Care Managers.  

Technology and Communication

We are also seeing signs of aging within our membership which creates additional challenges with web-based technology. One LIFEPlan Regional VP told us,

We’re starting to see that both our members and their parents are showing the early signs of dementia. This creates a whole new set of challenges for our Care Managers. With COVID restrictions, we have limited in-person access to at-risk communities, so we must rely on technology to stay connected. This doesn’t work for everyone.

While connecting via email or text can be efficient for Care Managers, just picking up the phone and giving our members an “old fashioned” phone call is often the easiest solution. One Care Manager added,

Because Medicaid requires us to document all of the work we do, which can be time consuming, reaching out to our members and having a chat is such a simple pleasure. We can learn so much more about how our members are doing by making that personal connection.

To be sure, good communication is at the core of a healthy relationship with your Care Manager but understanding the factors that can potentially contribute to unnecessary tension between members and their families is also key. Our next webinar will take a look at this complex relationship from several perspectives. 

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