Communication changes for Members

The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) has ended, which means how LIFEPlan works and communicates with Members will change. So here is some important information to know.

Changes to Telehealth

Starting May 11, 2023, Members will be required to meet in person with their Care Manager unless they request to participate in telehealth services. Your request for telehealth services must be documented and is entirely your choice. Your Care Manager will explain the documentation process and discuss your in-person meeting requirements based on your service type. At a minimum, Care Managers must meet in person with you at least twice annually, though there could be more required in-person visits based on service type. You must meet in person for your annual Life Plan meeting. You may opt out of virtual meetings at any time.

Virtual meetings will only be allowed using the Teams platform. Meeting apps such as Facetime, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and others will no longer be approved to meet for any reason with your Care Manager. Teams meetings can easily be attended by clicking a link sent by your Care Manager.

Watch this video for instructions on how to set up a Teams meeting.

Secure texting

Many Members rely on texting as an easy and preferred way to communicate with Care Managers. To protect your confidential health information, Care Managers cannot send or receive text messages from their phones. Later this summer, LIFEPlan will implement a secure texting platform that will allow us to open this mode of communication. Watch for an announcement. You can continue communicating with your Care Manager via email and phone.

More questions?

LIFEPlan is committed to supporting its members by sharing ongoing information about communication. As always, do not hesitate to contact your Care Manager with any questions or concerns or call the Customer Service Center at  1-855-LPCCONY (1-855-572-2669).